Close to the Madding Crowd

“Keeping artists, crew, equipment and the paying public safe and secure is the number one priority for all right-minded event organisers.

Eugenia Durante investigates how security specialists have grown their businesses while other parts of the industry have struggled…

Talking to companies and consultants from around the world,it seems that the crowd management and security sector is one of the few to have somehow benefited from the economic downturn during the last few years. According to many of the professionals interviewed, the crisis turned out to be an incentive to reinvent the concept of security and explore new markets, resulting in long-term growth for the companies involved.

With the increase in the size of festivals and shows, in the past few years crowd management experts have had to face several challenges, prompting a continual drive to look for new technologies in order to move with the times and satisfy their clients’ needs – often providing not only security services, but also consulting.

We were lucky with the downturn it actually helped us make a lot of money!” Morten Therkildsen from ConCom Safety in Denmark tells IQ. “We did fewer shows but much more consulting for smaller clients, who paradoxically are willing to pay more. By offering a high-quality service, we attracted more clients and this turned out to be really profitable for us.

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