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A big event, whether public or private, is made up of a thousand small critical issues. Over the years ATS, thanks to twenty years of experience in the field, has been able to understand what all the critical points of Management are and has decided to focus on these small details to guarantee its clients a service that is unique and successful.

Our focus on functionality and organisation means that ATS has gained experience over the years in the provision of services that are sometimes seen as secondary but are of vital importance for a successful event.
For ATS, logistics includes all the services necessary to ensure proper management of viewer flows, proper communication between operators, mobility issues, and security support equipment.
ATS is not only involved in the management of materials but also in the training of employees.

The most requested services




Rental Technological equipment

Radio-transmitting devices
Training courses
At the request of the client, ATS together with the collaboration of professionals in the sector, can provide training courses on transmission techniques and use of radio equipment.

Rental of radio equipment
Motorola radio transmitters can be rented from ATS for those who need them.

Tendiflexs are retractable columns, suitable for separating environments and creating orderly rows. The product is particularly convenient during events and exhibitions, to create lanes, order the route of the public, delimit the transit areas and allow due distance and compliance with overcrowding rules.

Tendiflex facilities can be rented from ATS.

Metal Detector
ATS can provide rental of Metal Detector equipment of different formats:

  • Manual
  • Tape/Rays-x
  • Access gates
Limousine Service
ATS offers a Car Rental service with Driver, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for transfers by car and / or van, representative services for companies, transfer to/from airports using our latest generation Mercedes fleet: the ultimate compromise between elegance, performance and safety.

The professionalism of our drivers stands out for their knowledge of foreign languages, respect for privacy, security and knowledge of the industry.

Car Valet
The Car Valet is an exclusive service that consists of managing a parking area and providing ancillary services in the absence of the owner-client.

The objective of the Car Valet service is to increase the capacity and efficiency of a parking area through the optimisation of spaces and the redistribution of parking to areas further away from the facility hosting the event.


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