The event logistics represents one of the critical factors in the provision of Management services for the event itself. That is why ATS, over the years, paid special attention to all those details that are often decisive for the success of an operation.

Attention to operation and organisation, over the years has enabled ATS to develop specific experience in the provision of services that appear as secondary but are of vital importance to ensure the success of an event.

For ATS, the logistics includes all the services needed to ensure proper management of the flows of spectators, correct communication between operators, mobility issues, as well as the equipment to support security.

ATS does not only deal with the management of materials but also with staff training.

Training courses

With the collaboration of industry professionals, ATS can deliver radio training courses on transmission techniques and use of radio equipment at customer’s request.

Radio equipment rental

For those who need it, ATS can rent Motorola radio transmitting equipment.

Tendiflexes are retractable belt stanchions, suitable for dividing rooms and forming neat lines of people. The product is, therefore, particularly useful during events and exhibitions for creating lanes, sorting the audience’s path, and delimiting transit areas.

ATS can rent their Tendiflex facilities to customers.

ATS rents different types of metal detectors

  • Manual
  • Ribbon/X-Rays
  • Access points

ATS offers Car Hire with Driver, available 24/7, for car and/or van transfers, representative services for companies and airport transfer to/from airports. Our latest Mercedes-Benz car fleet: the ultimate compromise between elegance, performance and safety.

The professionalism of our drivers is distinguished by the knowledge of foreign languages, respect for privacy, safety and perfect knowledge of the industry.

The service consists in taking over a car for parking it and the provision of ancillary services in the absence of the owner-customer.

The Car Valet service’s goal is to increase the capacity and efficiency of a parking area through space optimisation and distribution of the parking in areas farther away from the facility hosting the event.