Security Management

The Security Management area is where ATS has the most experience. Over twenty years of work and professionalism make ATS a benchmark for companies who are looking for a reliable and efficient partner to provide them with a complete and qualified personalised service.

Our clients can easily trust on a staff of professionals such as Security Managers, Security Experts, Project Managers, Coordinators, and Operators constantly updated on the evolution of the industry.

To best carry out any type of task, ATS includes as the first phase of the service, the analysis of needs and context, a moment of discussion and dialogue with the client that will be fundamental for the design of an effective and truly ‘tailor-made’ operational plan.

The Design and Operational Management Steps:

Needs Analysis and Goal Setting;

Design of the security plan and technical report;

Design of the operational plan for service and control services;

Design of the organisational structure for subsidiary security services: roles functions and tasks;

Budget verification and control;

Planning Meeting with stakeholders: Organisation, Institutions and police;

Sharing processes and procedures and specific operational training.

Operations Management
Coordination of resources used operationally in the Subsidiary Security Services;
Verification of the effectiveness and efficiency of secondary security services;
Active Communication with Operations and Event Stakeholders;
Analysis and Reporting on the service.

Vasco Rossi

Trento 2022

Fan (managed in influx and outflow)

Operators in activity

Security and control

Security and control is a pivotal process in Security Management. It is the first that must be managed and supervised in the best possible way.
Security personnel

  • Public inflow and outflow control
  • Control of gates and access tickets
  • Customer service and reception
  • Environmental control H24

All the services indicated above are provided in compliance with applicable laws.
ATS Safety prefectural authorisation (Prot.n. 118659/ AREA I TER O.S.P. of 10 July 2012).

Fire Prevention
Our staff are qualified for fire monitoring and surveillance. It can be used to assist with temporary and ongoing events.

These are our services:

  • Management, Service and Fire Consulting
  • Supply of personnel and fire-fighting equipment
Hostess & Steward
The quality of the reception services is the organisers calling card, it is what distinguishes a well- detailed event from less detailed one. This is a crucial aspect for the success of an event. Therefore, ATS operates a scrupulous selection of staff, which is trained and constantly updated.
Staff who are polite, kind and respectful of the work of others.
The professional figures identified meet requirements such as high interpersonal skills, problem solving, knowledge of English or any other foreign language.

The professional figures we provide are as follows:

  • Hostess and Stewards
  • Promoter
  • Receptionist
ATS offers investigative services for companies and individuals in partnership with ‘ATS Safety Soc.Coop.’, an agency created for the provision of guarantees, services, advice and preventions.

These are the services provided:

  • Information services
  • Business Investigations
  • Private investigations
  • Anti-theft and video surveillance systems

ATS Safety, prefectural authorization (Prot.n. 118658/ AREA I TER O.S.P. of 10 July 2012).

Doorman and Reception
Reception and concierge services take care of the first contact with visitors by managing the recognition and registration in accordance with the procedures indicated by the client. Important figures in crucial moments of emergency as they are the first to control the passes guaranteeing access to the structure.

ATS provided great support to its clients in managing access and green pass control during the Covid19 pandemic.

We offer the following services:

  • Visitor control and registration
  • Rationalization and visitor flow controls
  • Maintenance/external staff control and recording
  • Collection and sorting of correspondence
  • Delivery and collection of mail
  • Management of switchboards and personal computers
Proactive and Participatory Security
For many years, ATS has had a prestigious agreement with XSERVIZI Srl, a leading company in the Proactive and Participatory Security market, for the use and marketing of the XWARD Service already in use in the Retail market.

XWARD is a Digital Technology-supported service that can protect the business and counter profit losses in Retail. Frequently these losses are caused by criminal illicit phenomena along with the lack of involved internal prevention procedures.

XWARD, derived from the 2015 SMAU Digital Innovation Award-winning system, is a software that can record events and process “Provisional Alerts” that constantly suggest to management and security when, where, how, and because of whom a threat may arise in the P.V.

We try to make our clients understand that: ‘Security is not an asset that you buy by handing it over to others, but it is a process that must be part of the regular life cycle of any organisation, Public or Private, and that must grow hand in hand with all other processes within the organisation.’

Crowd Management and Close Protection
ATS’s flagships are the Crowd Management and Close Protection services. Two services at the heart of Security Management.
Close Protection for artists from the entertainment world, is one of the most requested services at ATS by the protagonists of tours or major events.

Firmness, timing, discretion and seriousness are the characteristics of our employees that make our Close Protection service one of the best in Italy.
Among our clients there are also private individuals and companies to which we assign other services:

  • Analysis and Coordination
  • Logistics Management
  • Tour Security Management
  • Close Protection – Personal Tour
  • Crowd Management


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