Ticketing Management

ATS provides Ticketing Management services for major sporting, musical and theatrical events. What is our added value? The coordination. It is essential for the success of the event as it affects not only the operation but also the relationship and communication management between the organiser, the electronic ticketing company, the SIAE and the end customer.

The success of the service depends on the careful implementation of the different planned phases, each of them essential for the next step of a successful project. We start with the market and pricing analysis, continuing with the study of the ‘operational marketing’ project until the forecasts are drawn up. Finally, we arrive at the punctual operational management of the event, thanks to the employment of specialised personnel, which ends with the accounting closure and the subsequent final reporting.

The possibility of a direct management ‘authorised pre-sale’ using all national circuits certainly represents an added value in the ticketing business. This opportunity is appreciated by the major producers and organisers of major events who find in ATS the right partner for such effective and professional management.


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Ticket Management and Consulting Service
Careful and detailed ticket management is essential for the success of an event.

These are our services:

  • Study of facilities and definition of sectors and prices
  • SIAE advice and practices
  • Management of receipts
  • Economic accounting
  • Specialised staff
  • Accreditation Management
Cashier staff

ATS can dedicate to the client and the organiser trained and qualified personnel for the management of the cash register, whatever the type of event.
The task of the cashier is not an easy one. It is not just about receiving payment from customers but also being to operate in every situation with precision and meticulousness always maintaining a friendly and helpful attitude towards customers. The cash register staff must be prepared and have good knowledge of the location and shows so that they can assist and advise the customer comprehensively.

Access Control Management
For service management, we provide ‘technical’ personnel who can use ‘hardware systems’ with the latest technology. Our guarantee? The effective ‘access control’ methodology on events, points of sale and business locations.

Access control ‘systems’ allow you to carefully filter the flow of people to the facility where the event takes place. Access is allowed only to those who are equipped with a regular ticket or specific passes issued in special and / or emergency cases (Covid19 Pandemic). The equipment that allows you to verify the validity of the tickets must be used by on-site personnel who are able to carry out the task on time and quickly solve any problems that may arise during the entry phase; everything is aimed at allowing a regular outflow, thus avoiding public order problems.


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